Who we are

Our history begins back in 1955, when the "Fratelli Bosatta" (F.B) company is founded in Brescia. We are in the early post-war years, a challenging period without a doubt, but full of opportunities. The Italian social fabric comes alive with companies and offices, and people increasingly need to commute to work.

During these years the demand for means of transportation, such as cars and motorcycles, booms. The company starts off by responding to the demand for coils, mopeds, and lighters. In the following years, the production range is expanded to include electrical components for motorcycles and scooters.

Over the years, we have focused on making and marketing motorcycle parts, specifically for major Italian brands. We operate in the aftermarket sector, providing non-original but interchangeable products. As years go by and many motorcycle models cease to be marketed, our products remain among the few available to meet the demand for spare parts for models that are no longer sold today.


Bosatta motorcycle spear parts